Brand awareness doesn’t grow by what ‘we’ say.
It grows by how ‘you’ feel, about what we say.


Brandfields long term relationships with clients shapes master brands that deliver vibrant user experiences, and ultimately boost sales.

Our team is classically trained in brand management, design, marketing and IT with over three decades of experience in the direct selling industry, serving several multimillion-dollar companies and countless accolades.

Our expertise incorporates an extensive palette, where talent drives us beyond just developing a brand.

Creating and defining company culture is our strength, while accommodating and maintaining the integrity of each master brand.

Maurice van Ophoven, CEO & Founder

Corporate ID.

Your corporate identity shapes both the internal and external company image.

Development of style and personality will only have impact when strategically planned to match your company’s mission statement.

Let’s create a masterpiece together.



Our signature product and packaging design describes the process of imagining, created and iterating products that solve users’ problems or address specific needs in a given market.

The key to successful product design is understanding the end-user customer, the person for whom the product is being created.



The way we communicate and gather information has changed from searching the yellow pages towards online search engines.

The world wide web has become standard and our turn key signature designed websites will always give your visitors the right information.

You only get one chance to leave a first impression.



Today, a mobile app is like a mobile billboard sign. Market research shows that most people spend two hours daily on their mobile devices.

We strongly believe that an app needs features your customers will love, while at the same time it must be beautifully designed and easy to navigate.



Media has evolved over the years and is now accesible to anyone at any moment.

At Brandfields, we create amazing stories by turning your mission statement into stunning video’s, advertisements and social media campaigns.

A picture is worth a thousand words.



Establishment and licensing of a business or brand are the first and most important steps to success.

Our business setup specialists aid you with customized business-centric solutions including legal services and registrations that are profitable and cost-effective.

At Brandfields we go the extra mile.

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Brandfields added the signature
to our corporate image that
we were looking for.

"Brandfields added the signature
to our company image that
we were looking for."

Zhenwei Wang
Auvesta AllStars

"As a C Level Executive, it is a pleasure
to work with so many highly talented individuals
in one company."

Daniel Masih

"Even after two decades, Brandfields
keeps lifting our brand to new levels.
Amazing people."

Ger Grein
Grein Security Systems


1999 - 2022

Our journey with Apple has been amazing.
After 30 years we still love their perfection.

2000 - 2022

Adobe developes amazing software for artists.
It makes the daily workflow fast and easy.

2001 - 2022

Capturing and printing images Canon
offers the market the best colorscience.

Recent news

Redefining Corporate ID

After expanding the team, we now offer full-service solutions to all our clients. Brandfields has been evolving into a one-stop shop over the years, for digital design of any kind. Our new logo translates exactly who we are, minimalistic but strong, the dot placed exactly where it belongs.

Redefining Website

Our new website is in the first stage of design. We strive to keep information to a minimum and give our visitors just the right feeling to visualise what could possibly happen to their own brand. When imagination meets creation, anything is possible and masterpieces will be born.

Social Media App creation

A brilliant idea that has been in our thoughts for quite some time, finally found it’s way to the right people of influence. We have started the creative process to solve a global challenge for the many. Millions of users will be extremely delighted as soon as we go live.


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